About Sanel Busuladzic

I’m all about delivering high value transformative music experience that my students never forget.

I’m all about the Structured Approach and leaving with high impact after each lesson.

Means: students are inspired to practice because they want to not because they are told to.

How do I do this?

By carefully constructing curriculum around their initial drive or inclination to start playing guitar in the first place. This may be concentrated around certain songs or melodies in songs or certain harmonic progressions (chords).

So much depends on chemistry.
Lots of guitar teachers have great technical skills. But developing a solid rapport with students can be another story.

I believe I have the personality, temperament and work ethic that you want in a guitar teacher right now.


“If you like listening to me play guitar,
I think you’ll like learning it with me, too.”


Let’s talk!

Classical Guitar Lessons