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I am focused on teaching guitar in Calgary. I am dedicated in providing the highest quality guitar lessons in Calgary.

Sanel playing Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega

Sanel playing Biljana Platno Belese

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(403) 228 - 2071

Description of In-home guitar lesson Fees
Hour $70.00
45 min. (3/4 Hour) $55.00

When you choose Sanel Busuladzic - Guitar Lessons Calgary you are selecting a guitar teacher with education and experience. I have taught many students and helped them reach their musical goals. Weather your goal is to speak the language of music, or just learn how to accompany a melody or a voice Guitar Lessons Calgary is for you.

Online guitar lessons using Fuzebox online meeting Fees
Online guitar lessons are done using Fuzebox meeting room. I don't mind skype, its just that the sound is lower quality. Please specify your region, time slot and music interest in the contact form. 60 day money back guarantee.
Hour $60.00
45 min. (3/4 Hour) $45.00

"The recital was a good experience -thank you for putting this together. I feel inspired [to play guitar]."
Maggie H. - Calgary, AB

"It is with a big pleasure I had this opportunity to write to you a simple note of Huge Thank you from all our students and staff, who truly enjoyed amazing talent of Sanel.
Selection of Musical ps.. played by Sanel was really truly Great.
Thank you for all your effort.
truly musically yours"
Natalia (Calgary)

"Thank you for the privilege of hearing Mozart on the guitar. Its was great."

Ann (Calgary)

"After many years of not looking at my guitar, or any music score, I decided that I would like to take up classical guitar lessons again.
As a middle-aged professional person, I have limited time and could not commit to an absolutely rigid schedule. My professional activities and travel allow me to be able to practice daily at times, but at other times not for a week or even more. As a result I looked for someone who would be extremely flexible, but also someone who would make it interesting and whom I liked. I wanted fun, progress at my own pace, and not engender stress or negativity when I butchered my pieces! After all, I am doing this for one reason only - because I want to enjoy playing my guitar and getting better at it.
Fortuitously I found Sanel online. Over the last year I have come to appreciate Sanel as one of the best music teachers I’ve ever had, not only because I genuinely like him, but because after one year of working at it again, I can genuinely say I am having more fun playing my guitar than I’ve ever had. That says a lot."

Magnus M. (online guitar student in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Sanel playing B minor study by Fernando Sor
Education and Recognition
Grade 8 Practical, and Grade 3 Harmony (Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto)

The Calgary Foundation – Esther Honens Fund – Calgary Kiwanis Festival (Calgary, AB 2008) J. David Langlois Memorial – Calgary Kiwanis Festival (Calgary, AB 2007)

Calgary Kiwanis Festival and Alberta Music Festival

2008 superior for classic guitar solo – Provincial National
2008 first place for classic guitar – Contemporary/Modern composers
2008 first place for classic guitar solo – Classical
2007 superior for classic guitar – Contemporary/Modern composers
2007 first place for classic guitar – Own choice
2006 first place for classic guitar – Contemporary/modern composers
2006 first place for classic guitar solo – Classical
2005 second place for classic guitar solo – Bach Transcriptions
2005 second place for classic guitar solo – Classical
2004 second place for classic guitar solo – Classical
2007 second place classic guitar solo – senior (Class No. 383)- Alberta Music Festival

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  • Phone: (403) 228 2071